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weKurnect will help you simplify your orders, inventory and payments processes allowing you to focus on growing your business effortlessly.

The weKurnect Promise

Our solution is Simple Fast Convenient Practical

Our solution provides a wholesome platform to keep your entire business in check with the right controls and a robust reporting module.

Take advantage of the ever growing weKurnect marketplace of retailers and wholesalers. Grow quickly, efficiently and effortlessly.

Customers can order and pay you anytime and anywhere. Even regular phone users can dial *347*200# to transact with you.

What is weKurnect?

weKurnect is a simple distribution management solution.

Manage customer orders, payments and inventory.

Receive orders and payments direct from key sub-distributors, wholesalers and retailers through web, mobile app, USSD and SMS.

Manage multiple products all in one platform.

Robust reports tell you about your business in an instant.

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Why choose us?

weKurnect is a complete solution suite for any distribution business

Quick Onboarding

Register and start selling in 30 minutes. No installations required.

Online Always

Your customers transact business with you anytime on any device, even regular phones.

More for Less

No upfront payments, no support or integration fees. Pay as you use, grow without boundaries.

Full Protection

Hosted on the world’s most secure cloud services, your business data is 100% secured and safe.

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Solution built around the strongest in business

Our solution sits on a tested and trusted infrastructure to ensure the security of your business data and transactions.

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